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Top Star 110 video

MK Top Star video

Henning Jordkjend’s MK Top Star 140 in action. Vingtor chairman Audun Thinn helps carry the model.

MK Top Star

A rather serious-looking Henning Jordkjend concentrating hard before a round of Nordic N-09 during saturday F3A practice at Vingtor. His plane is an MK Top Star with a 1.40 RX.

MK Akromaster

MK Akromaster, originally uploaded by aerowold.

The most recent addition to my collection arrived today. For the grand sum of just 700,- NOK I got this beautiful specimen, and apart from the main wing it’s all nicely built too!

The plane is big – 1.20 FS is possibly not powerful enough for todays Noridc schedule so I’ll look into fitting an O.S 1.20 AX 2-stroke in there. The nose is made for an inverted engine but there’s a lot of space so a muffler can probably be fitted somewhere inside the cowl. A Pipe is not an option with this fuse.

See pictures here:

MK Zlin F3A

MK Zlin F3A, originally uploaded by aerowold.

Wanted – dead or alive!