Topic: schedules

Nordic N-09 official

The Nordic schedule for next year is official and can be downloaded from (PDF)
And very fun to fly it is!

Nordic N-09 proposal

The Finnish F3A team has published the first proposal to a new Nordic N-09 schedule based on the new F3A P-09.

New F3A schedules

The new F3A schedules P-09, P-11, F-09 and F-11 to be flown from 01.01.2009 and 01.01.2011 respectively are now official. Download the schedules and aresti drawings at Ola Fremming’s website and start practicing.

Nordic N-07 scoresheet

Microsoft Excel scoresheets for the Nordic N-07 schedule. Great for the judges to write scores when judging. Two versions, one general sheet and another with scores for three rounds pr. pilot.

Both sheets in Norwegian with Vingtor’s club logo.

New Norwegian beginners schedule

To replace the (boring) Vingtreff schedule in national contests, the Norwegian F3A group presents a new schedule called Sport-07 which is combines the legacy from the 1980’s sportsman schedule and some elements of the current N-07 Nordic schedule.

The new S-07 is meant to bridge the gap to the full Nordic schedule and will hopefully attract more beginners than the Vingtreff schedule did.

Dowload the PDF at Ola Fremming’s website

Aerobatic schedules

Until I get time to post schedules in a permanent place, here’s a link to the old site where they can be downloaded.