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Supra Fly 25 resurrection

I built an old Supra Fly 25 from the OK model kit in 2002, flew it with an O.S 40 LA, and stored it away when the engine was sold. I came upon a new-in-box O.S 32 SX engine in the summer of 2013, and I put two and two together, literally. What a match! The airframe was still as solid as when it was new after all that time in storage, it just needed a good cleaning. I treated it to some more color on the wings and a dozen stickers to liven it up a bit.

Inside, it got a new CG-mounted fuel tank, a whole lot of stuff removed with the dremel, and new digital servos snugly fitted to a carbon tray. But there was no cowl! I had the old one, but it was A) not original, being taken from a Supra Star, and B) had all the cut outs for the engine and muffler in all the wrong places. I was unsuccessful at moulding a new one and so ordered a Great Planes Escapade 40 cowl. It was too deep and too high but I managed to cut it in half, join it again and shorten it, before repainting it yellow with red trim. It fit perfectly!

An underslung Hatori tuned muffler finished it off nicely, and I look forward to flying my old friend with all new equipment this winter.
This is the way it looked in 2002, and this is what it looks like now.

Hannos big planes part 1

While Hanno is primarily known for his performances in F3A back in the days when .60 engines were the rule, he also flew in the TOC (Tournament of Champions) in Las Vegas, winning everything there was to win for years on end. Attempts to alter the rules to allow others to win failed, he kept coming back with a vengeance. Always the tactician, when they introduced new rules offering bonus points to biplanes he brought a Super Skybolt biplane and was disqualified for mysterious reasons when it became obvious it would be another winning year for Hanno.

The most well known of his TOC entries is the giant Dalotel which was powered by two Super Tigre .90 engines connected together using a self-developed gear mechanism. The plane weighed 15 kilos and had enormous thrust, dwarfing glow-powered competitors and flying circles around the chainsaw powered planes.

A big difference between Hanno and many other successful pilots is that he took showflying very seriously and developed planes and manouvers specifically for that purpose. The big super Tigre powered Calypso led the way for the famous 2,06 meter Supra Fly shown here. With 6,5 kilos weight and a piped ST 3000 for power it was a showstopping monster. The plans are available from in Germany and it can easily be modified to fit todays 2-metre/5kg rule and would be a beauty with an O.S 1.60 in the nose.

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Testing the YouTube embed function

Testing the YouTube embed function.

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Supra Fly videos on Youtube

I’ve posted four videos on YouTube, recorded during an easter holiday 2005 when I flew the little Supra Fly 25 at a Frozen lake near Oslo.

Check it out:

EZ Supra Fly 45

More pictures

OK model Supra Fly 25

A joy to fly, but a little underpowered. Doesn’t like wind since it’s very light. Powered by an O.S .40 LA with the stock muffler. More pictures