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The Tiger Fli Project

I’ve had a Phoenix Model Tiger 3 sitting in my attic for a long time.

I’m a fan of the Goldberg Tiger 2 (had two) and I couldn’t resist this one when it was for sale by a fellow club member, unboxed but unbuilt. Problem was, I can’t stand to look at it. It’s a Tiger replica, and to my eyes it looks terrible since it’s not original. So I thought I’d modify it!

By cutting off the turtle deck, adding a proper nose and a new covering, it might look more like a Kwik Fli. The Tiger Fli Project was born.

Tiger 2 maiden flight

The Tiger 2 was flown for the first time today, and it was successful. I ran the engine for about a tank and a half on the ground, and after that it was well behaved. The O.S. .55 AX is the easiest engine I’ve come across. I just flipped the prop and it started just like that. It’s a bit noisy on an APC 11×7 prop, but it had great power after just a few tanks of fuel. Read More »

Building season 2010-2011

We’ve moved to a new house with a fairly large workshop in the basement. It’s taken a while to get things in order and planes have turned up that I didn’t even remember I had. Like why am I scratchbuilding a Goldberg Tiger 2 from plans when I have a Yoshioka Aladdin NIB that would have been more appropriate? Because I forgot that I had one. Oh well, done is done, wing ribs are cut for the Tiger already (see picture) so now I’ve got half a Tiger 2 on my workbench so the Aladdin must wait for a few more years. The idea with the Tiger 2 is to have a glow model for winter flying because the Kyosho Osmose electric was just to fiddly to assemble in cold weather, and the batteries didn’t like cold either.

I built and flew a Tiger 2 in 1994-1995 and I’ve always felt I had no closure with it, since it was shot down by an idiot heli-pilot on the same frequency while I was still getting to know the plane. No parts remain from the original but over the years I’ve kept the plans and collected bits and pieces. When I found a canopy in a Bangkok hobbystore 7 years ago the collection of parts was complete and I really had no more excuses not to build it again. And NOW, a mere 7 years after that I’ve actually started. It’s not hurry after all… An O.S. .55 AX will power the 2011-edition and it’ll use some bargain Hitec mini servos and leftover scraps that have collected in my parts drawer for years. UPDATE: Link to build pictures on Flickr