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Electrics you say?

I may fly glow engines but when I’m in the workshop all I ever do is charge things! Not visible in the photo is the Laser being charged by a Schulze Lipo card. I’m also charging my DeWalt drill all the time too. I say, I’m as electric as the next man!

Selbst ist der Mann

What am I doing? Lots! 

– Repairing the Saphir II: New Tru-Turn spinner, new prop (APC 13×10 turning 9800 rpm), new covering on the wing (AGAIN!). And taping and sealing off every damned piece of covering I can, a piece flies off every time it flies.

– Repairing the red Laser, fitting new wheels (lost one in flight) and fixing a crack in the undercarriage, new bolts, fitting a Perry pump (damned 3,5 mm tap-stuff!) , moving the tank and moving and fitting a new throttle servo.

– Blue Laser – Fitting a perry pump on the OS 200 FS, attempting to fit a Hatori pipe in the nose (Damn that nose)

– Building a new fieldbox with space for 18 inch props. Pictures coming soon

– Buying stuff – a Proxxon table saw, Graupner fieldbox (I must have two dammit) and a Schulze Lipo Card (nice to carry in one of the new fieldboxes)

In addition to that my two kids are not in kindergarten this week so I have my hands full from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening. And we’re tidying up the house, cleaning out the attic, moving the lawn, painting the damned pipe and every other task that can fit into my cramped short-term memory. And tomorrow evening I’m going flying the Saphir. Gotta love flying!

PS- notice the kid behind the plane?

New workshop!

Proudly presenting: The model airplane temple of worship. It even has room for a car! I’ve been living a sad, nomadic existence ever since mid-may where all models and tools have been stashed away in the attic. Imagine that, months without balsa and glue. It’s not a life worth living so it was about damned time the workshop got done! And it was just-in-time too, something very exciting is waiting for me at the postoffice…
More pix of the interior at Flickr

My workshop

When we finally moved out of the apartment and into a house with a basement I finally had a room of my own, it was just that it was 1,5×1 meters which is ridiculously small so something had to be done.

This is what it looked like after we moved in:
Then we gave the whole basement a complete makeover, and 6 tons of stone, one wall and three rebuilt walls later it started to look like something. It’s still small but big enough to have a 2-meter fuselage on the workbench and that’s all I’ll need. Most of the wings and planes are stored elsewhere.

This is what it looks like now: