September 25, 2023

6 thoughts on “F3A plans wanted

  1. hi, nice site!

    I have some F3A plans like MK Wild Beat 1975mm x 1930 mm, MK Curare 60, MK Magic 60 and MK Beetle

    High resolution scans, large files around 4.5 Mb except those in pdf which are around 1.5 Mb

    If you are interested, please contact me.

    I would like to email you also a published article talking about the MK Blue Angel where you can read Masahiro Kato was the designer since 1962 and not the 1973 world champion who only modified the plane, mainly the tail for flight controls.
    You can also read a few words about this in my MK KITS LIST on RCU:

    Happy Landings,


  2. Hi,

    sorry I didn’t see your comment until now, it was caught in the spam filter.

    I’d love a scan of the Wild Beat and the article, if you could e-mail them to me at that would be great!

    Thanks for the kind words about the site 🙂


  3. Hello
    I have the Curare 40 original plan , scanned in hight resolution. Is it possible to exchanging , I need Supra Fly 25 or Magic 20.

  4. Hi Al,

    I am getting interested in classic pattern planes and love the look of MK Curare 60 and it would be much appreciated if you could e-mail the plans on my e-mail address

    Thank you,

  5. Hi. Great site. I am an avid model airplane kit collector and have a number of MK and OK kits in my collection. I note that you have the OK Seduction 90 on your list of plans that you want. Following is a small sample of some of the pattern kits in my collection, which you may be interested in. I have other OK and MK kits. Let me know what you are interested in as I may have them.

    – OK Seduction Freestyle
    – OK Akro 804M Diabolo for 90
    – OK Zlin Akrobat 25
    – MK Silent 90
    – MK Joker 60
    – MK Top Star 110
    – MK Synergy CPLR (for YS63)
    – MK Wild 7

    I have a whole bunch of scale/sports scale/large scale aerobatic kits but am not sure if you have any interest in their plans eg. Midwest 27% scale CAP232, Midwest Extra 300x, Citabria, Carl Goldberg Extra 300, etc etc. Let me know if you have any interest in these plans.

    I am looking for high quality scans of plans for MK kits (that are not already in my collection). For example the Blue Angel, Wild Beat 777, Magic 60, and Aurora 60 and would be happy to trade.


    Tony Leong

  6. hello i have a lot of f3a plans to exchaning
    ( mk kits (aurora, blue angels….) and other, curare, joker….

    i collect all f3a plans between 1980 as 1990


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