October 1, 2023

Harry Kolberg HK4

Harry Kolberg HK4, originally uploaded by aerowold.

Another has-been from my inventory…

My dad found this one in his friend Harry Kolbergs basement. It had some scratches from landing in a tree (!) and had not been used for over a decade but Harry can build planes like no other, and it is light and very strong. His own design, he used it for the 1989 Nats. This was version 4 of a series of self-designed aerobatic planes he built.

I bought it for 1000,- with engine and pipe. It flew well but the Super Tigre 90 engine had problems and the poor thing is in bad need of some fixes. Is currently stripped of all radio and engine equipment – quietly awaiting the day when master has time to fix the poor thing. Perhaps in another 10 years time.

Image gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aerowold/tags/hk4/

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