October 1, 2023

Laser (blue) specifications

The list of items to go into the Laser is getting pretty complete:

  • Servos
    • Hitec HS-6635HB x2 (Wings)
    • Hitec HS-5985MG x2 (Elevator, Rudder)
    • Hitec HS-475HB (Throttle)
  • Battery
    • Emcotec DPSI mini dual power with magnetic switch
    • Graupner (Kokam) 2S 800mAh LiPo x2
  • Receiver
    • Graupner SMC-16 Scan 7 channel SPCM synth
  • Radio
    • Graupner MC-22

I’m missing tailgear, wheels, tank and spinner. The Elevator will be actuated by an MK dual BB coupler and a carbon pushrod. The rudder will use control-line wire as a pull-pull system. Other bits and pieces like rudder horns and aileron pushrods will be homemade.

Post will be updated with pix and more info.

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