December 9, 2023

Looking for Hanno Prettner?

I can tell by looking at the stats for this site that a great number of people come here looking for Information about Hanno Prettner, here pictured with his TOC Dalotel. I have a lot of his planes and some of his plans but it’s scattered and not always easy to find it all.

To get an overview of the Hanno Prettner information I have available, follow this link to all posts tagged with Hanno Prettner, and have a look at the pictures on Flickr where I have many pics of the Hanno Prettner models like Calypso, Supra Star etc.

1 thought on “Looking for Hanno Prettner?

  1. Too nostalgic to see your efforts to show for new airmodellers the Golden era of pattern flight represented widely by Hanno Prettner . I still have a Curare 60 from MK flying and a Joker 60 both kitted from MK . I have the Curare 60 and Magic 60 plans , I could arrange a copy for you .The cost will be to get a printed hard copy of the plan plus shipment .Please tell me if you are interested to find out the cost for informing you .

    Best Regards ,

    Raúl Galdames , from Chile South America

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