December 9, 2023

My Planes: Yoshioka Aladdin Hyper 45L

After a long wait I got an e-mail reply from a very friendly gentleman at Yoshioka model shop. He offered me an Aladdin kit, tailgear, trike or retract version of my choice at 30% discount plus shipping. Money changed hands and the plane was surprisingly quickly at my door. A very friendly company that handled my Norwegian mini-order professionally like it was a million-dollar contract. Excellent service!

The kit is extreme quality and value. The wood is so good it will match anything MK has to offer. The plans are detailed in the extreme, and all hardware is supplied, even a gigantic sheet of decals, not commonly seen in balsa kits.

The design of the nose features an offset engine, it’s positioned at 90 degrees and slightly offset from the centreline of the model to be able to hide the muffler nicely along the side/belly of the plane. An interesting design idea that give the plane a very distinctive look.

3 thoughts on “My Planes: Yoshioka Aladdin Hyper 45L

  1. I WANT TO SEE ALL COWLING aladdin hyper45L Please!HELP ME FOR Rebuilt.

  2. Hi, I’m interested in the Luft glider and I visited the Yoshioka-RC web site, but I didn’t find any e-mail contact address.
    What e-mail did you contact for infos ?

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