December 5, 2023

Edge radio installation

I used kevlar instead of wire for the pull-pull rudder linkage. It is a lot less hassle in tight areas such as the rear fuse of the Edge where the wires come out, and so much easier to install. Just a drop of CA to fix it in place and it comes out tighter than wire. I added the ball-link on the elevator servo, but the rest is standard equipment supplied with the kit. The tailwheel is also installed, and it is very nice quality. Just visible in the picture is the 4 cell Sanyo 1100 NiCd strapped to the rear bulkhead. There’s no fuselage floor, just two stringers and plastic film so the receiver must also be strapped in s similar way to the bulkhead in front of the servos.

To do now is fix the cowl, hook up the throttle and I’m good to go. Knowing me that might be a month from now!

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