December 9, 2023

Ready to run

All fueled up and ready to go.  Probably have to wait until monday for the initial test run, this weekend is packed with appointments and kids…

Servo compartment detail. The Hitec really impress with their speed and strenght.

The tank is a Tettra 560cc crank tank. Gotta love that name, and it’s a really sweet piece of kit. nothing I’ve used before comes close to this quality.

2 thoughts on “Ready to run

  1. I ran half a tank through it today. What a monster. The vibrations… I gotta go over the whole plane with locktite. One part of the stab came off, I don’t know where the screw went. Running it in a a rich setting causes some extreme vibrations. And I suspect the 4-bladed prop is not very balanced.

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