September 25, 2023

Selbst ist der Mann

What am I doing? Lots! 

– Repairing the Saphir II: New Tru-Turn spinner, new prop (APC 13×10 turning 9800 rpm), new covering on the wing (AGAIN!). And taping and sealing off every damned piece of covering I can, a piece flies off every time it flies.

– Repairing the red Laser, fitting new wheels (lost one in flight) and fixing a crack in the undercarriage, new bolts, fitting a Perry pump (damned 3,5 mm tap-stuff!) , moving the tank and moving and fitting a new throttle servo.

– Blue Laser – Fitting a perry pump on the OS 200 FS, attempting to fit a Hatori pipe in the nose (Damn that nose)

– Building a new fieldbox with space for 18 inch props. Pictures coming soon

– Buying stuff – a Proxxon table saw, Graupner fieldbox (I must have two dammit) and a Schulze Lipo Card (nice to carry in one of the new fieldboxes)

In addition to that my two kids are not in kindergarten this week so I have my hands full from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening. And we’re tidying up the house, cleaning out the attic, moving the lawn, painting the damned pipe and every other task that can fit into my cramped short-term memory. And tomorrow evening I’m going flying the Saphir. Gotta love flying!

PS- notice the kid behind the plane?

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