September 21, 2023

Backup battery FAIL

The idiot does it again. Although the battery change worked (I bought two just in case) I had a little accident. The battery blew up in my face during soldering so I had to spend a couple of minutes picking plastic bits from my left eye. All the while my safety goggles were hanging from the shelf in front of me. They say there’s one born every minute so I guess I’m not alone. Idiot.

2 thoughts on “Backup battery FAIL

  1. Congratulations on surviving!

    What about the rest of the circuit board installation? Any problems/challenges?

  2. Thanks! Surviving is a nice side-effect.

    Everyone says I shouldn’t have soldered lithium batteries, NOW they tell me.

    Once I learned that lessons soldering it to the circuit board was no problem and putting it back in was much easier than expected, even the tiny springs and loose buttons fell into place when I figured out how to access them from the front.

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