December 9, 2023

Mini Scalar motor run

I’ve test-run the Kora motor on the workbench. Because this is very dangerous to do, please observe the following method which I’ve found to be quite safe:

1. Make sure prop and motor is firmly in place with motor, ESC and receiver connectors checked.
2. Read instructions, ignoring the warning about throttle channel reversing. After all, there is no servo.
3. Connect the battery
4. After confirming the fact that the motor does not run although it should, scare yourself to death when pulling the throttle all the way back while the motor revs up to full power.
5. Realizing that you’ve just had a near-death experience, disconnect the battery and change your underwear.
6. Re-read the part about throttle channel reversing and decide it might be a good idea to check it after all.
7. Set the throttle channel to normal direction (it WAS reversed)
8. Try again and hold on for dear life
9. Tell others about your experience so that they too may live to tell their grandchildren about it.

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