September 30, 2023

Nordic N-09 at Kråkstad

One seriously perfect contest day at Vingtors field at Kråkstad, may 30 2009. We flew Nordic N-09 and Sport-07 which is our current entry-level schedule. Henning Jordkjend Organized the event and everything went really smoothly and we finished ahead schedule. Apart from Tore Jemtegaard having problems taking off in the tall grass there was not a single incident. I came in 6th out of 8 pilots in Nordic which I’m very satisfied with, considering I have not practiced at all this year. The Laser performed well during all three rounds but I realize it needs a little more power. Pipe tuning is next, after I have finished it’s evil twin, the Blue OS 200FS powered Laser. Ola Fremming won the event, flying with a 0.85 point handicap.
See pictures from the event on Flickr.

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