December 9, 2023

Integral flies!

Finally! The Integral test flights went well. Although there was a lot of wind today I could tell right away this is an exceptional plane. It’s very responsive and smooth. I had my usual brain seizure while setting it up, programming the exponential the wrong way – I had 40% positive expo so the first flight was kinda squirrely if you know what I mean…

The engine starts very easily and runs reliably. I had two trim flights and then one run through P-11. On the fourth flight the pipe came off – the Nishioka mount had fallen off, leaving the pipe hanging inside the belly pan. I landed OK but I slammed the tail in hard, bending the tail gear. The tail gear needs to be changed anyway, with the very low ZN main gear it proved difficult to get off the ground on a rough surface so I need to find away to lower the tail. Perhaps just a small skid will do it. And a new Nishioka mount.

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