December 9, 2023

Ligier Gitanes Xigris

I was very depressed when I crashed my Laser. And when I’m down I go shopping. After a few text messages on the eve of the crash I was up one ZN line Xigris kit, a Plettenberg 30-10 outrunner and a Kontronik Jive 80 controller. Turns out it pays off to spread the word when you’re in the market for a new plane. Chances are somebody has a surplus kit or last years model standing around.

I’ve always had a soft spot for formula 1, and the 1970-80s brand cars in particular. Cigarettes and oil brands dominated in those days and are beautifully retro to look at now more than 30 years on. You remember Tyrell, Elf, Marlboro, Rothmans and the incredible all-black and gold striped John Player Special cars don’t you?


In honor of the early 1980s liveries that have stuck in my head since childhood I’ve decided to make a very special paint job for the Xigris. I’ve tried to emulate the look of the 1982 season Ligier Gitanes look. Gitanes is a French sigarette brand, quite appropriate for the French made and French-sounding Xigris, don’t you think? At least it will be quite original and eye catching. (The 3-view is not of a Xigris, but it’s close enough)


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