December 9, 2023

Bridi Sun Fli 4 build

I wanted to build a plane from scratch last fall, and I chose the Joe Bridi designed Sun Fli 4, from 1968. Two plans exist online for this plane and I chose the RCM plan version. The plane has a variable airfoil which is thinner at the wingtips. Because of this, I chose to have foam cores cut.

I had a plan to make this plane look original, but be all modern on the inside ,with Powerbox iGyro, Sbus servos and an O.S .65 AX engine. I want to paint it instead of covering it with plastic film, so I have finished the airframe and turned it over to my father to have it covered with tissue and dope.

All the build pics are in the Sun Fli Flickr album.

2 thoughts on “Bridi Sun Fli 4 build

  1. I have a Bidie Forty from Global new in box, still not opened. I also have a lot of different Webras at home. Interested?
    Regards Finn

  2. HI thanks for the offer, but sorry I have too many planes and engines already 🙂

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