September 30, 2023

Great Planes Super Kaos 60 part 2


The Super Kaos 60 project came to a successful conclusion last summer. I’m very happy with how it turned out, particularly that it only weighs 2,8 kilos! The engine deserves special mention. After priming, it just fires right up by twisting the spinner slightly by hand. What a wonderfully magical metal mystery of fire, smoke, sound and happiness. Planes and engines like these are what will keep me in this madness for years to come. The engine tached 10.600 on an APC 11×9, and I tuned it down to 10.450 for consistent running. The 11×8 wood prop was (not surprisingly) all noise and no thrust. APC is the stuff. I have also replaced the stock muffler with a Hatori type 50-size muffler.

She flew beautifully, and the engine ran as it was made to – fast and loud! What a plane. The low weight made for easy take-offs, big loops, fast rolls and slow landings. Perfect. I enjoyed every minute of the build and the first flights. I have put all the photos from the build, finishing and flying up on Flickr and you can see them here.


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