December 9, 2023

About me

This is my personal R/C airplane website. Most topics are about F3A models since that is my main interest. My name is Jon Gunnar Wold and I live in Moss, south of Oslo with my wife and two daughters.  I am a member of Vingtor R/C club which is based in Oslo but our field is located at Kroer near Kråkstad, about 40 minutes from my house. I also fly with my local club in Moss.

I started flying very early. My father flew control line and F1B Wakefield gliders so I had access to expert help and glue whenever I needed it. We lost a few planes in the beginning, but after getting into gliders with two friends of mine we got the hang of R/C flying. Gliders really are a perfect way to get started. Next I had some mentoring from a former Norwegian F3A champion who taught me basic aerobatics on an EZ Decathlon. After that I flew sporadically, using up lots of F3A models and not really progressing much for about a decade. Things took off when I met an F3A flier at a local club who convinced me to try competition flying. He told me that I’d stop crashing if I started practicing schedules. And he was right, I have not lost a plane to pilot error since.

In my professional life I spent many years working as a design and usability consultant. I was a designer at, and then I enjoyed working for Steria, helping clients build useful and effective web solutions through carefully planned design processes. I have also written a Norwegian book about usability testing that was published in 2011. In 2012 I left my career in IT and joined the Norwegian Air Sport Federation NLF – Norges Luftsportforbund, and I currently work there as manager of the aeromodelling section. Yes, I work fulltime with modelling.

When I’m not in the basement building stuff, I like to relax and read something. I read a lot of novels of all sorts, and some military non-fiction and biographies. I also subscribe to RC magazines, mostly German as they are the best. Other interests that usually don’t make the top of my list of priorities /(because F3A is always #1… ) include cars, skiing or just being outdoors. Being outside flying is a great combo.

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7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Jon Gunnar,

    Ive stumbled upon your very interesting Website while looking for Information about the O.S. FSR61 engine.
    What type of Aluminium muffler did you use with this engine powering your Super Kaos 60?

    Kind regards

  2. Hi! It is the Hatori NA50 airplane muffler, which is designed for the O.S 50 SX. It has about the same volume as the 61 FSR stock muffler, and it fits if you modify the muffler mounting holes slightly. the muffler is hard to find now but my may get lucky on Ebay. It works very well and is quiet.

  3. Hello Jon, this is quite a repertoire you have here. I have posted a post on RCG looking for info on the Flair Super Lightning and your name popped up. So here i am asking you if you would have the plans for it and would you be so kind to share them with the group as i can see there is quite an interest i this classic pattern plane. Please let me know if you are able to help.
    My email is
    Thank you. Phil

  4. excuse me where i can buy the yoshioka bingo f3a mono or biplane
    best regard max from italy

  5. Hello! I’m desperate looking for a copy of the MK Wild 7 plan.
    I can’t find it anywhere on the net. Can anyone help me out in this?
    The Netherlands

  6. Hi, How I can get F3A Akiba Wild 7 Plans?. I live To the South of the worl. In Chile
    Best Regards

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