September 25, 2023

F3A Vintage Rosentalpokal 2014

Photo by  Karlheinz Gatschnig, The vintage F3A meet Rosentalpokal is flown using models from around 1975, in Carinthia, Austria. Karlheinz Gatschnig was there and took some wonderful photos. The event was also covered by FMT magazine and in issue 3/2014 (PDF) Notice the big Dalotel pictured. It is a prototype of an ARF […]

Curare wins F3A retro contest

The Curare Trio: Me on the left with my Schweighofer Curare ARF (glow), Ingmar Svensson (middle, third place) with his scratchbuilt Curare, and Ola Maltesson on the right (5th place) with his new Schweighofer electric Curare. The Swedish/Norwegian border cup is back, and our Swedish neighbours hosted a three day F3A event at Lilla Anrås […]